Developer Platform

Vispek provides a code-free SAAS platform to maximize the capability of Magic Pencil. The general-purpose platform can visualize, analyze, and train spectral data to enable varieties of different applications. It is a powerful yet easy-to-use toolbox for wide scenarios of interests.

The development and implementation of custom scene spectral detection applications can be quickly completed.

We sincerely invite global spectral analyses application enthusiasts to join us, register as a developer, and build a spectrum application ecosystem with Vispek.

Spectral fingerprint database
Mass spectral data storage
Custom data annotations
Visualization of data
Visualization of data
Visualization of spectral fingerprint data
Supports dimensionality reduction
Model training
Model training
Core spectral fingerprint algorithm
processing, including a variety of
classification, regression algorithms
One click online training
Rapid deployment model and validation
AI Applications
AI Applications
Massive Application Scenarios
Vispek App
Vispek App
Support for spectral data acquisition
Support for Rapid Model Validation

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